UAV Toolbox

Install - Latest Release 3.3 - Winter 2023

Installation on the ST-16 is now easier than ever. Just follow these simple steps (or, instructions for offline install are here):

1. Get online with your ST-16

  • Quit the Flight Mode app by tapping the 'Pad' button and then 'OK' to get to the Android Home page
  • Connect to your local WiFi by dragging down on the top right of the screen and selecting 'WiFi'. Select your network and tap 'Connect' once you have entered your password.
  • Back on the Home page, tap the Apps icon (Apps icon) to view the apps on the ST-16
  • Tap on the Browser app to open the browser. Type in to open this page directly.

2. Download and Install UAV Toolbox

  • Once you are viewing this page on your ST-16, installing is as simple as tapping 'Download'.
  • Download

  • Drag down on the top left of the screen to see download progress. Once the download is complete, tap on the file to install it. You may be prompted to 'Allow Unknown Sources' - tap yes to go ahead.
  • That's it! UAV Toolbox is now installed. Go to the Apps page and tap on the icon () to launch it.
  • Register to start your free evaluation, or login with your email and password.
  • All features of UAV Toolbox are available during the trial period.

Existing users please use this file install update. You do not need to uninstall previous versions before installing the next.

You can also install by downloading the APK to your PC and copying it onto the ST-16 with an SD-Card

3. (Optional) Connect from your PC

  • When you are online, UAV Toolbox will allow you to connect from your PC or Mac to download telemetry and media directly from the ST-16.
  • The online message will show a URL like this (this will differ according to your home network)
  • Type in that URL to your PC browser to connect to the ST-16 and see a list of files to download.
  • The files include a Launcher web page that you can save to your PC to quickly reconnect to the ST-16, and a Dashware profile for loading telemetry into that software. Tap 'Tools' to download these files

Known Issues

Due to changes from our API provider, these features are currently not available. We are working on updating the server to fix this issue.

Registration and Unlocking

UAV Toolbox has a free 14 day evaluation period (just register with your email address) and is permanently unlocked for a single payment of £14.50 / $18.00 / €16.90. Visit your account page online for secure PayPal or Credit Card payment.

Unlocking the app means access to the core features will not expire and future updates will also remain unlocked. Your unlocked login can be used on up to three devices, and there is a limit of a maximum of three users registered on a single controller. Contact us for extended options. Additional features may require separate payment or subscription when they become available.